What do car wreckers Auckland consider?


Did you recently sell your car to the car wreckers Auckland? Are you wondering what will they do to your car? It might be the final goodbye from your end but the journey of your old vehicle has not come to end. It will go a long way than you think. We will tell you here what the car wreckers Auckland do. Why their work is so important?

Who are wreckers?

Car wreckers are professionals who dismantle the broken or wrecked car carefully. Their job is not only dismantling the vehicle but identifying the parts that can be reused. They sell the parts which are completely damaged and repairing is not possible of those parts. Such parts include bumper, internal components, chassis and more. These parts are not dumped in the landfills rather they are recycled. Moreover, they don’t leave the old vehicles just like you would do for rusting. They dispose of them carefully and efficiently in the environment.

Valuable spare parts of the cars are reused. Common parts that are recycled and re-sold are:

  • Engine parts
  • Mirrors
  • Seats and upholstery
  • Parts of the exhaust system
  • Undamaged windows
  • Hubcaps and alloy wheels
  • Headlights taillights and blinkers
  • Transmission systems

Only a handful of parts of your car have stopped working whereas the rest of them are still in working condition. Car wreckers Auckland identifies those parts and utilizes them.

Where do the remaining parts go?

Electronics parts, usable components, and leftover fluids are removed after which the shell goes for further processing. They will take out the air conditioning system, harness, wirings, and other systems. Now, the vehicle will be transformed into a flat or cube by crushing it down. Then, along with the rest of the scrapped cars, it will go to an industrial shredder which is its next destination.

They remove the remaining components like glass, plastic, and rubber. They will further crush the car into small chunks and then sell those chunks to mill.

Importance of car wreckers Auckland

Car wreckers are not only important for those who want to dispose of their old cars but for the plant as well. The recycling process they do saves natural resources as well as energy as recycling steel is less expensive. They prevent the disposal of harmful metals into the environment and circulate them by making it useful.

On the customer end, car wreckers are highly beneficial as they give money for those parts which are of no use for you. Moreover, anyone who needs refurbished parts can contact them which will save them money in buying the fresh parts.

How to get cash on the car?

Three simple steps will let you earn from your old car.

  1. Call- call the car wreckers and they will come to take the old car from your place
  2. Offer- they may give you offers on schedule with them. Accept the offer.
  3. Paid- they will pay you right at the moment they pick your car.

Car wreckers Auckland doesn’t charge for towing however some of them may include the towing fees. So, find a wrecker and get rid of that old car.