Flange tow bar: which one to choose?


What is a flange tow bar?

There are different types of tow bars available in the market. But maximum of the tow bars users use the flange tow bars. This is the best towbars Auckland available in the market for your car and other vehicles.

With this type of flange tow bars you can easily tow any trailer to your car and carry it a long way without any problem at all. Normally these towbars are bolted with separate towballs on either side of the vehicle.

With this kind of a system you can fit different types of towballs and get a different kind of benefits out of it. Nowadays the caravan users prefer the long reach towball over the other types. Some of the commercial vehicles are going with the ball, pin and jaw combination that allows them to tow heavier things with the vehicle, like site generators.

With this type of tow bars Auckland you can fit accessories in between the towball and the towbar as well, like cycle carrier, stabilizers, bumper protectors, etc.

Types of flange towbar

There are mainly 2 types of flange towbars available.

Fixed flange tow bar

This is one type of flange towbar but these towbars are fixed with the car and you cannot remove it for a temporary reason.

Benefits of using this towbar:

  • You can use accessories with this towbar easily.
  • This type of flange tow bar is quite cheap
  • You can use this towbar to pull generators and pull trailers.
  • You can fix a bumper protector as well.
  • You can use the couplings, spacers and drop plates to adjust the height of the towbar.

Detachable flange tow bar

Detachable type of flange bars are the one which you can remove at will. For example, if you need to fix something or maybe changing some of the system, you can just detach the tow bars Auckland and you are done. Also, if you are not going to use the towbar in your next travel, you can just leave it behind without any problem at all.


  • You can remove the neck of your towbar and no one can guess there was a towbar attached to it. The capacity of this towbar is equal to the other type of flange towbar.
  • If you have parking sensors, you can just remove the towbar and it won’t create any issues at all.
  • You can walk around your car with ease, and you won’t have to worry about the towbar neck hanging outside the car.
  • It can carry any cycle carrier but it has to be a towball mount carrier.
  • It can also go nicely with the stabilizers (friction style only).
  • Even if you can detach the towbar at will, but it cannot be stolen once it is locked with the car.
  • You can fit any kind of tow coupling and other accessories if you need.


So, as you can see, amongst the tow bars Auckland available in the market, the flange type of tow bar is the best and you can choose any one of the 2 types which are available. But while choosing either of these, you need to understand your need and then only, you will be able to choose the right one.