Check out the essential cake decorating supplies NZ


You know what make cakes so good, of course, the taste but what you see first while buying a cake, its decoration. A decorative cake attracts you more than a flavorful one because you first taste the food from the eyes. So, if you are a baker then you should have the must-have decorating supplies. Don’t know what all you need other than a spatula, pastry bags, food colours and more? Here is a list of all the essential cake decorating supplies NZ.

With the right supplies, you can bake a cake that is not only yummy but a piece of art. Your customers will find it difficult to take away their eyes off the cake. At first, you may not be good at decorating but with the right tools and experience, you can transform any simple cake to a piece of art.

Essential cake decorating supplies NZ for beginners

A beginner baker needs a pastry bag, offset spatula, food colours, turntable stand, and bakeware and cake tins.

  • Cake tins- when working on a theme cake you need cake tins to design the required shapes. Get a heart, star, semi-circle, square and other shape tins.
  • Cake leveller-your cake should be in level and a cake leveller will help you here. You can create multi-level cakes at a professional level.
  • Icing smoother-icing on the cake should be smooth and levelled and icing smoother will create a smooth finish on the cake.
  • Food colours-it comes in different versions like powder, liquid gel and gel paste. Pick the best form of food colour to decorate the cake beautifully. You can also use colour combination chart to know which two-colour blends perfectly.
  • Dusting pouches- dusting is a messier task so use dusting pouches.
  • Brushes- get the different brushes to flare your drawing skills onto the cake. Dip the brush in food colours and design your cake with hand-drawn designs.
  • Drying rack- professionals use drying racks to organize their space and let the decorative items dry without ruining their shapes. It helps you protect the artistic work for cake design.
  • Imprint mat- you can copy an exact pattern on your cake fondant neatly with an imprint mat. You can either add more texture to it or keep it simple.
  • Piping tips- your cake decoration is incomplete without a set of piping tips. Use them on pastry bags and create beautiful designs like garlands, starflowers, basket weaves and more.
  • Handheld steamer- it is a luxurious item that can be used with gum paste or fondant. It will help you set colours on the surface. Clean the excessive caster sugar from the cake surface using this tool. It will leave a lustrous appearance on the cake. You can use lustre dust to add more shine to the cake. It will give a realistic look to your work.

These cake decorating supplies NZ will improve your cake decorating skills and you can put your imagination to your cakes. Surprise your friends and family with the artistic and beautiful cakes that they see only at the cake shop.