Physiotherapy is a course of treatment that is available for people of all age group suffering from pain and injury on their body which affects mobility and movement. It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and provides results with little to no side effects. A physiotherapy is a form of physical treatment offered to patients who are going through physical disorder because of their disability or injuries with the right form of diagnosis.

Physiotherapy Mona Vale clinics have a collection of Physiotherapy clinics that can gather a patient’s ailments. Mona Vale is situated in Northern Sydney, Australia, and one such Physiotherapy clinic worth mentioning is Pittwater Physiotherapy in Mona Vale. This Physiotherapy Mona Vale clinic possesses professional with experience in the field for more than 20 years with advanced studies in Physiotherapy and Manipulative Therapy. Manipulative Therapy is also referred to as Manipulative Physiotherapy, which is also known as musculoskeletal therapy or musculoskeletal physiotherapy. This type of treatment can only be performed by accomplished physiotherapists with a post-graduate qualification in Manipulative Therapy.

The therapists that are available in this Physiotherapy Mona Vale clinic have made themselves a name in the physiotherapy community, and a brief introduction of each of them is specified below:

  1. Stephen Hill: He is a graduate in BaSc (Physiotherapy) and has a post-graduate diploma in Manipulative Therapy. He works with people suffering from injuries and his interest centers around back and neck problems. He also lectures in Sydney University to physiotherapy students.
  2. Margaret Eastburn: She is also a graduate in BaSc (Physiotherapist) and has attained a level 4 clinical Pilates, which makes her eligible to conduct thee clinical pilates session in the clinic. Her interests circles around manual exercise and treating sports-related injuries
  3. Alex Wu: Alex Wu is also a graduate in BaSc physiotherapy, and his interests’ center around musculoskeletal therapy, sports-related injuries and acupuncture. He is also a post graduate degree holder in Muscoloskeletal Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and Acupuncture. While he is not busy with his patients in Pittwater Physiotherapy, he teaches violin and musicianship and this extremely talented person is also bilingual speaking both Cantonese and Mandarin.

Additionally, with an impressive staff, Pittwater Physiotherapy offers a wide range of services in the specialized treatment of:

  1. Problems that are related to the back and the neck
  2. Severe headaches which can be the cause of physical strain
  3. Injuries resulting from sports activities
  4. Rehabilitation after an operation
  5. Orthopedic problems
  6. Problems that related to the respiratory system
  7. Acupuncture and dry needling
  8. Problems that are related to the lower limb and the lower gait.

Along with all the services offered, this Physiotherapy Mona Vale clinic has a level 4 Pilates instructor gives consultation and sessions on clinical pilates. Clinical Pilates is available and suitable to a person of any age whether it is for an 8-year-old aspiring ballerina but is suffering from a joint problem, or whether it is for a sportsperson who have sustained injuries or whether it is for an elderly person who has hurt the hip or knee while walking down on a flight of stairs, this form of exercise is welcome to all.