Why You Must Consider Using Promotional Products

One of the most cost effective means for businesses to reach out to a wider range of customers is by giving out promotional products. This is considered one of the most effective ways and low-cost methods of marketing when it comes to driving in customers. Even the ones who are already established in the market are still using this method. For startups and other small businesses, giving away promotional products will help cut the budget set for marketing and still draw in the attention from people.


The use of promotional products has always been the favourite of marketers for many years, from the biggest enterprise to the newest businesses. Here are some interesting statistics about the utilization of promotional products:


  • In the US, 8 customers out of ten have 1 to 10 promotional products used.
  • 6 out of ten consumers keep the promotional products that they’ve received for up to 2 years
  • Around 85 percent of the people conduct business with an advertiser after they have received the promotional item.
  • Around 3o percent of the people that receive the promotional product conducts business with the advertiser
  • 63 percent of the consumers give away the promotional items they have received after they feel they are not needed.
  • 89 percent of the consumers are able to recall the one who advertised the brand even after 2 years from receiving the promotional product.


From this data on the US alone, you can see the importance of using promotional products. It doesn’t matter whether or not the consumer is going to remember – the one you gave the promotional product to. Anyone who sees these promotional products, whether they own it or they saw it, will pique their curiosity.


Based on the study conducted by PPAI, about 94 percent of the people given with promotional products remember where they got it. The study also shows that 83 percent of the consumers like to get the promotional products that come with the advertising message. Those that receive the promotional products, 85 percent conduct business with the said advertiser. 58 percent of the consumers surveyed stated that they keep the items between 1 to 4 years.


The stats show that any business, whether large or small scale, can reap huge benefits from using promotional products as a way of reaching out so as to increase the number of people within this competitive market. Gift items that come with high quality packaging entice its recipients and even draw their attention to the business nature of the company. These products come with a logo and message of the brand printed on it. The main goal here is to give away the promotional merchandise as a means of driving the interest of the customer in the business itself.


In order to achieve better results, marketers make use of branded promotional products that they see the recipients can put into good use for a couple of months. These products of good quality will keep the consumers engaged with the brand itself.