Retirement Villages


Retirement Village is different from the care home. In Retirement Village, you can buy a house or rent the property and obtain all the facilities provided for seniors in the community.  You can bring your furniture, decorate your house the way you want and you can even have visitors at any time during your stay in the Retirement Village. In some retirement villages, they allow pets to come as well.  The residents can choose independent living or pay for on-site care & support services, and the professional caregivers will provide service whenever you need it.

The paid care and support team will help you with everything from shopping to assistance, including dressing, bathing, or cleaning, so on. Older adults love to stay in retirement villages as they get to meet the like-minded people and live their lifestyle as they like to live. The retirement villages also offer several activities and social events so that the residents can participate and get active in doing things that they like to do. The activities include several things from abseiling to tai chi.

Retirement Villages with Serviced Apartments:

These apartments usually have one or two bedrooms, and it offers you the strong security and 24hr support and access to the assistance. These service apartments are the perfect choice when you don’t need a continuous support with your medical and physical needs. The service apartments offer help for daily living, including weekly cleaning, evening meals, assistance with personal care, and Laundry. The apartments come with a small kitchen so that you can make tea or breakfast, but the meals served to all the residents in a dining room.

Retirement Villages with Home Care Services:

You can also find independent living unit or villa in several retirement villages. These units offer a large range of home care services, including domestic help, doctor appointments, and transport facilities to the on-site residents. You can take help from in-house, or you can as well get help from other support agencies. The residents have to pay an additional price for care services.

The residents can get the additional financial support from the CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) and HCP (Home care Packages).

Exit fees: When you buy a house in the village, and paying a standard service charge, then the residents are grateful to pay the exit fee or event fee. It becomes due if the resident dies or he/she moves on to full-time medical care at some other place, and if the house is sold. Some people describe this system as enjoy now and pay later form.

The exit fee also depends on the resident stay in the village; how long he/she stayed in the house. However, the exit fee will be 10 percent of the original purchase cost. In some cases, the exit fee will be around 30 percent in just three years of the stay. This exit fee is causing a lot of stress and anger for the residents since the Law Commission is considering this issue.

Some retirement villages claim that they offer sinking funds to take care of the building, and some other villages claim that they have to cover the cost of advertising the properties. Some retirement villages in the UK claim that they do not accept any connection to the tangible costs acquired by providers.


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