Man tells police officer he beat stepdaughter’s rapist

A man accused of beating up his stepdaughter’s rapist made a full admission to the police officer who arrested him, saying he didn’t hit the victim enough.

Constable Benjamin Reed gave evidence in the Wellington District Court this morning during a trial in which the stepfather, who cannot be named, faces a charge of assaulting the victim in Paraparaumu last year.

The victim, Jason Haward, has been convicted of raping the man’s stepdaughter and was sentenced to seven years’ jail.

The stepfather has pleaded not guilty to assault with intent to injure.

Reed said he asked the man what happened on April 23, 2016, when the alleged assault happened.

“We saw him walking, I told her to pull over, I jumped out of the car and started punching him in the face, that was about it,” the man told Reed.

When asked how many times he hit Haward, the man replied “not enough”.

“I tried to kick him in the balls once,” the man told Reed.

The man told the officer Haward had raped his daughter.

A witness to the alleged assault told the court he was driving along Kapiti Rd when he saw “a bit of a melee” on the side of the road

He described one man trying to throw punches at another man while others tried to separate them.

He said the man throwing punches was yelling “It was you, I know it was you, you raped her, I’m gonna get you”.

The witness said the victim was denying the accusations, saying he had a family and wouldn’t do such a thing.

The struggle to keep the two apart continued until police arrived.

The stepfather also gave evidence of the moment he discovered Haward had raped his stepdaughter.

He was at home on April 21 last year when he heard a “commotion” outside.

He heard his partner screaming for him and went outside to see his stepdaughter crouched naked beside a car with Haward “over the top of her grabbing at her”.

Haward kept saying the girl had stolen his wallet, but could not explain why she was naked, the man said.

The man “lost the plot” and began punching him, and his partner then pushed Haward to the ground and kicked him in the head several times.

Haward’s partner then came running down the street screaming, and said Haward had only gone out to get a bottle of wine.

When the defendant’s partner told the woman Haward had raped her daughter, the woman turned to Haward and said “oh you’re back up to your old tricks are you c***?”, the defendant said.

Police arrived and arrested Haward, but did not charge the defendant with assault on that occasion.

“The police said that under the circumstances it was anything that any reasonable person would do,” he said.

The girl was not medically examined until 24 hours after the rape, and only because her parents arranged the examination, the defendant said.

He said he knew Haward had been released. He and his partner were trying to contact police with no luck, and even spent 15 minutes at the police station trying to get someone to see them, but no one did.

On April 23 they saw Haward walking down the street, and the defendant told his partner to pull over and call the police, and he would restrain Haward until they arrived.

He said he threw some punches and so did Haward, but his intention was to keep him there until police arrived.

He said Haward called his stepdaughter a “slut”.

The trial continues.