Difference between an engagement and a wedding ring


A wedding is not a just a one-night affair; rather the whole ceremony starts from the day when a girl gets a proposal from her boyfriend. One of the essential parts of this ceremony is the ring that the bride and the groom bring for each other. This might sound strange, but both the wedding and the engagement rings are completely different from each other. Here is a list of points that will clarify the difference between an engagement and wedding ring.

 The difference in time of offer:

The first and foremost difference between a wedding and an engagement ring is that the engagement ring is generally given at the time when a woman gets a proposal. It is basically for the bride and for the groom. While we talk about the wedding ring, it is the most vital part of the wedding. This is a set of two rings, in which one is for the bride and one is for the groom. The design for this ring looks almost the same for both the genders, but the size differs.

The difference in meaning and significance:

The tradition of the engagement ring has a history behind itself. It’s been many years now that it has almost become a rule of proposing to the girl you love by offering her a ring. This is a way of asking her father about the lifetime affair that you want to have with his daughter. On the other hand, the meaning behind the wedding rings is a bit different. The wedding rings are generally circular in shape, which represent the completeness and the perpetuity of your relationship. The whole in between the ring is symbolic of the gateway of a new and prosperous journey that the bride and the groom are going to start together. When you offer a wedding ring to someone it represents that how special that person is for you and how much you love him or her.

The difference in places to wear:

Now, after all these differences, the question comes that which is the correct place to wear a wedding and an engagement ring. It is said that the veins of the ring finger of your left-hand go directly to your heart and thus the engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of right hand. One more reason behind wearing the ring in the dinger of the right hand is that the girl wearing it will get to flaunt her lavish ring. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are worn underneath the engagement ring. This is a tradition although it is not compulsory to follow it. In fact, most of the modern brides buy their wedding rings of such a design that they can wear it on the other hand too. If we talk about the groom, then there is no provision of engagement rings for them. He is free to wear his wedding ring in whichever finger he feels to.

The difference in price and type:

The other small differences in these two rings are that the engagement ring is more lavish than the wedding ring. For example, Auckland diamond rings are more preferable when it comes to engagement, while a wedding ring can be of any type. Another difference is of the price. It’s very obvious that the price of the wedding ring is low compared to the price of an engagement ring.

So, these were a few of the things that clearly point out the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring.